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ODESZA - Memories That You Call (Ft. Monsoonsiren)
Jul 15, 2014
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Why do we like this?

Odesza has unveiled a brand new track that will appear on their recently announced new album. My attempt to describe it for you will hopefully and genuinely attempt to encapsulate the experience I had during first listen.

This track took me down a nostalgic trip through my musical history. As someone who can pretty confidently say that my taste in music is vast and all-encompassing, this track reminded me why that was the case. I went back to the first concert I ever attended as a teenager. Guess what it was? Mika. I wish I could say it was something a little bit more badass, a little weirder, or more intense. Like, some kind of punk rock basement experience. But it wasn't. Instead, it was a pop concert that somehow beautifully matched my taste in music.

And when I think about that, the deep down simplicity of my pop-rooted taste, I realized that something else was responsible for that. My love for Queen. My childhood upbringing with classic rock symbols, like Queen, who so swiftly embodied the notion of rock and roll, while simultaneously appealing to an ear that loved harmonies, epic guitar riffs, rooted in a sound that was practiced and learned for the sake of the people.

Okay, maybe it wasn't. But for me, Queen's music was for the people. And after I listened to this track, I felt like all of the tastes that make up my own, came together to remind me of the amazing variety in music that exists in my life. Besides that, there's remnants of Ratatat, Jonsi, modern day DJs, and 80s synths to carry you through the sonic journey.

I can only hope that this track takes you on such a ride.

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