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Of Monsters and Men - Dirty Paws
Mar 16, 2012
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Indulge with me a second in Of Monsters and Men's debut album My Head is an Animal. There's no stopping the smile as their tantalizing harmonies intertwined over their tuneful choruses saturate your core with pure elation and ecstasy. The Iceland-based sextet is composed of nothing but talent, and this raw, powerful energy becomes contagious after just one listen. With lyrical imagery of folklore that tell stories of love, heartbreak, insanity, and loneliness, they've created an album that can serve as something that will make you get up and frolic and sing, or a lullaby that will carry you all the way to the land of Nod.

My Head is an Animal is, in my opinion, one of the best albums of 2012 so far (it already reached No. 1 in Iceland shortly after dropping there). After listening to their first single "Little Talks" I personally was hooked, and immediately had get my hands on the rest of the album. But mark your calendar, because the album will finally be released here April 3, 2012; perfect timing as their US tour will be underway.

Although they're a relatively newer band, they've got the formula down, as My Head is an Animal encompasses all sorts of sounds and is quite diverse, with an accordion and trumpet in tow. The almighty, powerful "Dirty Paws," "From Finner," and "Six Weeks" are full-out ballads so full of emotion that waves of euphoria surge through your body, and sitting still is no longer an option. But then you have songs like "Yellow Light," "Love, Love, Love," and "The Sinking Man" that are much slower and toned down. The passion is still there, but instead of creating the urge to prance around, these are the perfect tunes for that last cigarette as the melodic voices of Nanna and Raggi whisk your mind away to its place of rest.

Not to lessen the grandeur of the other songs (I could easily provide a paragraph for each proclaiming my love for it), but I'm afraid once I start talking about them I won't be able to stop. I highly recommend adding this album to your library once its released, and you'll see what I mean. The emotions Of Monsters and Men are able to evoke are indescribable, and you'll be at a loss for words trying to come up with the right ones. It's best to let your ears do your thinking for you.
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