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Oh No Oh My - Be A Star
Sep 28, 2009
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Why do we like this?

I'm a fan of Au Revoire Simone and so a while ago, when I saw that Au Revoire was touring with a band called Oh No Oh My, I looked into them. They've been making it onto my playlists for some time now, and I thought it was finally time to share them with you all. Oh No Oh My has a song for everyone. Sometimes they're upbeat ("Be a Star"), sometimes they slow it down ("Go to work"), and sometimes they're somewhere in between ("I painted your house")

. Above all, they are melodic and accessible. One reviewer (see below) points to their indie "cuteness." It's no wonder their lyrics, sounds and beats resonate well with me. Reserve judgement until you hear their songs- I bet you find yourself addicted too!

Their last EP, Dmitrij Dmitrij, came out almost a year ago, but it's not too late to get into the indie pop sounds of Oh No Oh My. They're currently recording their sophomore album. Catch up on all their older music before the next set of songs comes out.

Oh No Oh My used to be "Oh no! oh my!" The Austin, Texas indie group has since left behind the exclamation points which should make looking them up online much much easier.

The foursome (Greg Barkley, Joel Calvin, Daniel Hoxmeier and Tim Regan) plays skin-softening, mellow indie rock tunes in an agreeable blend of flavors that go down smooth. Pleasant chord progressions, gentle effects embellishments, alternating lead singers, bandmembers who share instruments - this is the mood. No one overpowers another. Nothing jolts. The delivery is low-key. Please, though, I'm not saying Oh No, Oh My is boring. Oh no. All the right parts are there - the ups, downs, hooks and refrains. And to say they are great songwriters would mild-mannered of me. Profound simplicity is no elementary achievement. I am saying Oh No, Oh My is nice and enjoyable. "“Luxury Wafers

Referring to Oh No Oh My's 2006 release: "Oh No! Oh My! is certainly right up the alley of fans of light, melodic indie pop. One of the song's off of the band's follow up EP Between the Devil and the Sea can be heard in the background of a commercial for the film Juno, which turns out to be an excellent indicator of the type music to expect in Oh No! Oh My!: quirky and with an attitude, but sensitive and cute. There are definitely some strong songs here that offer warm pop melodies and thematic elements about love that nearly all young adults can relate to in some way. But if you're like me and have a definitive tolerance level for "cuteness" in indie music, Oh No! Oh My! may just be good for an occasional, but quality spin." "“ sputnik music
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