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On Dolphin - Worth The Drive

On Dolphin - Worth The Drive

Jul 20, 2016

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Sounds like: Cat Power, Jets To Brazil
Why do we like this?

This next track is one that you and I could definitely hear coming out of a Quentin Tarantino midwestern film.

It's dramatic, it's haunting, and it's simply excellent work all around on the part of all the session players and the duet between Melissa Lyn and her guitar. 

The rest of the song features live cello, violin, and some soothing vocal harmonies filled in by another female vocalist. It contains so many beautifully laid out organic layers to it, and you're never quite sure where the next parts to it are going. 

Even though it seems quite basic on paper, it is far from that. It keeps us guessing, keeps us engaged and makes us like, even the tiniest of deliberate imperfections like some of the off-key notes in the vocals. 

"Worth The Drive" by On Dolphin is most certainly worth the listen. 


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