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One Room - I Want You

One Room - I Want You

Mar 09, 2012
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Why do we like this?
In the words of One Room: "Taking over this world is hard work." No doubt about that. I've tried, and failed.

As the song advises, just get your life in order. That's much easier. Or maybe not? Depends on who you are and how complicated your situation is.

So I'm back on the R&B train. Drake, The Weeknd, Julian Cruz - all those bad bitches. Now? Two Rick Ross fans: One Room.

One Room is your typical Web-spawned sexy, mysterious, and enigmatic crew. Think of them like The Weeknd hitting the scene all over again. You know that feeling: What the fuck? Who are these guys? Where do I find more? The omnipresent desire for more, more, more.


I ran across One Room through the vastness of cyberspace and I've been trying my best to find some information. I failed at finding anything other than a link to One Room's social media and an article posted on the Tumblr foreshadowing a possible 2012 tour. Don't trust anything though, it could all be another ploy.

All I'm really digging right now is the SEO description:

One Room was born in the Lower East Side. Everyone knows him but no one ever sees him. People say he grew up listening to static on his radio and eating mix tapes. When he was 10 he taught himself to play piano. They say he speaks every language and never sleeps. They say the music was inspired by cold winters and hot summers. They say it took him 20 years to make this music. They say it doesn't sound like anything else. They say it was made in One Room.

This track dropped back in October 2011 but was taken off the Web a week later. I'm telling you, this is one creative branding team. They're efficient at building hype. Here's what they have to say about their music via their Tumblr:

"There's a socially American concept that rap or R&B has a particular way about it, and yet artists come along and challenge that all the time ... Why? We have to go after it at a certain angle, because we're not like Riss Ross; we're fans of Rick Ross. Our fans might like Rick Ross but they could also like James Blake."

Of course, the two tracks you can find online are fucking dope. "Wait" is so explicit it should come with a #damn stamp. Give the official videos a peek on the aptly titled YouTube channel, OneRoomForever. The videos deliver; they're well-cut and posited to maintain a combo lingering between sex and confusion. Perfect images to accelerate any will-be successful R&B artist.

Until One Room drops that mixtape that you so badly desire, I recommend you go straight out to the real Web and download the tracks by paying with Tweets.

Sit tight on his Tumblr and Twitter, watch as they excellently practice musical shuhahri. Right now, they're just posting things like, "The beginning is near. Soon."

Transcendence soon. One can only hope.
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