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Other Lives - Tamer Animals
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May 29, 2011
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Whether you're a serious music aficionado or someone simply workin' the biz, it's easy to become overwhelmed by all the great new material out there. And with the amount of great stuff coming at us from seemingly every angle, it becomes difficult to tune in to everything that piques our interest -- let alone find time to connect with that one great album.

That personal connection is at the root of what makes music great. Somehow, we need to get back to that crazy-good feeling of wanderlust. You know, the emotional part of the music experience that's all about getting lost and descending deep within those arresting waves of sound.

The sophomore album from the Oklahoma-based band Other Lives makes that kind of connection. Tamer Animals is a homegrown effort, yet perfectly polished. It's unassuming, lush, and extraordinarily layered.

This album is a rare listen, perfectly suited for getting completely absorbed in alone at home, and at the same time it's seems exclusively created for the mere purpose of levitating alongside hundreds of others in a live performance setting.

The album isn't overtly trying to get to this place, which is exactly why it works. It's devoid of the hype-delivering force majeure, lending itself to discovery as great music often does. Ultimately, it's a well-produced, thoughtfully crafted album that's inviting to connect with on each and every listen.

Download "For 12" for free, stream the album, watch videos and more at http://otherlives.com.
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