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Owari - Nurture Well
Jun 19, 2023
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Why do we like this?

This might be one of the songs on Indie Shuffle that garners a smaller amount of attention but, if given the time and patience, the magic of the song really takes flight from 2:30 onwards.

When looking into Owari, there's a subtle 'vale of vague' surrounding him — we cannot come to know exactly who he is. Bold words are used, bold enough so as to paint a generic albeit impressive picture. But listen to his music just long enough, and who the artist is, becomes vividly apparent. The biggest detail being that he creates music by feeling. This is not the type of creating from the heart that we're mostly fed, where lyrics paint the way to feeling. What Owari does looks more like the presence of an acutely listening ear as he creates, truly hearing how the elements of a song come together and feeling what is being created.

With his previous EP, Imperfections, released in July of 2021, the change of pace on "Nurture Well" can be foreshadowed in the last 3 tracks on the EP, which were the less popular of the 5 songs...but, quite frankly, by far my favorite (especially "Littlebeck," followed closely by "Family Heritage.")

The listener who can lend a few quiet minutes to truly attend to "Nurture Well" will receive so much from it, and in turn, give the artist the energy he deserves. And so, perhaps in some subtle and small way, the potential for a symbiotic loop has been created, in the dance of audience and artist.

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