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Oxford - Mirage 84 (Neptune Safari Remix)
Sep 29, 2013
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Why do we like this?
There's only three people I've ever wanted to trade bodies with. One is Bruce Willis' French girlfriend from Pulp Fiction, the other two are Jessica Lee Seaman and Briana Jennifer Smith from Best Friends Forever. The first time I heard their music was two years ago when a guy I was crushing on told me he was sure that he could never love anyone else besides them. I totally understood why, then felt like crying.

The band formed in Minneapolis, where the two girls met, in fifth grade. This comes to no surprise, because their music is just as embarrassingly self-conscious, genuine, and awkward. They will tell you about their unshaved legs, the cold, hard truth about long-distance relationships, and about Abe Lincoln making a kinda hot boyfriend, and you will like it because you'll think, "YES! I THINK THAT ALL THE TIME!" At the same time, the duo has a punk core that will resonate with less fuzzy friends.

Through squeaky vocals and clanging guitar riffs, the songs, while sweet, maintain a sarcastic sneer. My favorite song is called "Tape Song," an easily distributable melody to anyone who has come too close too soon. The chorus states blatantly, "The further away, the fuzzier your face, the harder to make out your less desirable traits. When I'm looking at your through a telescopic lens, it's easier to use my imagination." Ouch. Another tried and true fave is "Backpocket," which will transport you right back to the awkward moment where your hand and her butt first touched, complete with chimes and fuzzy guitar.

In addition to the charmingly accessible lyrics, BFF relishes in camaraderie with audience members and the feeling of sing-along rather than individualism. All of their songs are grungy, raw, and easy to sing to, often with a choir of background singers. I think it gives the entire album a warmth that is often missing from rock (and punk rock, if you can consider this punk). Every song weaves a new story, with sharp wit and cunning sarcasm, and if you don't fall in love with these two by the end of the album, well... you have no soul.
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