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ØZWALD - Same, Same
Feb 05, 2021
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ØZWALD is made up of Jason Wade and Steve Stout from Lifehouse, however, this groovy, unique, ambient indie side project of theirs creates a very different atmosphere than the prior alt-rock endeavor.

In “Same, Same,” the rules are suspended. In the background, shoe-gazey, surf rock inspired rhythm guitar and a consistent 4/4 drumbeat create the perfect foundation upon which floaty, harmonic, falsetto vocals are layered in undulating waves that are at once interesting, emotive, and…well, far-out, man.

This relaxing indie rock brings to mind images of lazy days on the beach, watching sunlight reflecting off the crests and peaks of an endless sea, while further down the shore a child in a red bucket hat eats chocolate ice cream that drips down his fingers with the gulls calling to each other overhead. Your oversized sunglasses slip down your nose, but you’re too lazy and sunshine-filled to push them back up again. The smell of sunscreen and surf-wax permeates the air. Someone offers you a cigarette, you accept gracefully and light it, carefree and completely present in a youth you’re convinced will last forever. This song is the soundtrack to blissed-out afternoons with sand between your toes and a surfboard in tow, where you smile slowly to yourself without a care in the world.

Released in 2020, “Same, Same” is off the album For Polly Anna, produced by ALLSWELL Records.

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