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Part Time - Lies in the Eyes of Love
May 26, 2021
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Why do we like this?

You'd be forgiven for thinking “Lies in the Eyes of Love” was released sometime in the early 80’s; the glittering soft-focus synth melodies, drum-machine like percussion, dreamy falsetto vocals, and perfectly placed saxophone solo are straight out of an old-school cinematic classic about a woman with a bad perm who falls in love with a no-good cop as they make out in a badly-lit apartment building with the lamp posts providing appropriate ambiance through the bay window (or something equally nostalgic.)

Part Time’s sound signature is pure 80’s pop, but the good kind, not the cheesy kind. It’s the kind that’ll have you repeating the refrain, bobbing your shoulders to that sexy, sexy saxophone, and humming the melody for days on end. It’s the type of song that would have been a classic if it had been released 40 years ago, and been played at barmitzvahs and weddings ever since as one of those tracks that everybody knows. Alas, it was in fact released in 2019, but I have no doubt this holographic, new-wave piece of gold will cement itself as a track that everybody comes to know anyway.

"Lies in the Eyes of Love" may not be new (was 2019 even this decade?) but it's so timeless and hypnotic that when it was released shouldn't make an ounce of difference. It could have just as easily dropped in 1983 as 2032, and you'd never be able to tell; it's that good.

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