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Pat Lok - Lucid (Ft. Oktavian)
Jun 23, 2017
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Have you ever had a lucid dream? I've been thinking about them a lot lately. I have this friend that appears in my dreams on a regular basis and when he appears, those dreams are always very lucid feeling.

I remember in high school his dad was super into astral projection and stuff. Always makes me wonder when this friend appears in my dreams if he's practicing astral projection, like his dad. I have never bothered to ask him because... I don't know, that's just a weird conversation opener and I haven't seen him/ had a conversation with him in a decade.

Maybe some day soon I will, ask him. 

Pat Lok says this song was a snapshot in time for him. That's how most songs go. It's about him trying to find balance while on the road, finding peace in his dreaming time maybe. I can empathize with all of that and I really appreciate a song about some higher vibration activities, such as lucid dreaming. Pretty cool. 

"Lucid" is comes via Pat Lok's latest album Hold On Let Go, out now. 


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