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Paul White - Returning
Oct 18, 2018
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156 times
Sounds like: Kikagaku Moyo, Mildlife
Why do we like this?

I'm making a playlist right now that's full of songs which can simultaneously slow, and increase your heart rate when listening. Sort of like my Pavlovian response to anybody using words that start with 'm' in front of me. Why would that happen? For McDonalds.

Don't judge because my heart and brain aren't drilled on ethics or logic. We're all products of the system, and I grew up in New Jersey, a state that's famous for some highways and Weird NJ, naturally as a child I was going to get my kick from somewhere. Luckily I've come to grow about 80% out of the fast food chain, but humans are ripe for conditioning and this stretch tickles way deep into my hammies.

As of writing my heart is under control, mostly because Jason is away and I haven't spoken to anyone in days, so no one is throwing around m-words, but if I've done my calculations right this playlist promises to do some things.

It'll be over here soon.

Lucille Furs - Another Land
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Mildlife - The Magnificent Moon
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Kikagaku Moyo - Dripping Sun
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YĪN YĪN - One Inch Punch
Tags: Editor's Pick, rock, world music, funk rock
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