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PHFAT - Keep You Safe (Ft. Mac Motel)

PHFAT - Keep You Safe (Ft. Mac Motel)

Apr 20, 2017

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Why do we like this?

Before I watched the video I imagined Mike, the rapper on "Keep You Safe," wearing tights, peddling flute music to me along a sunset walk.

The second time around I started listening to the lyrics and I don't think Mike was trying to serenade me on this track, were you, Mike?

He just slid into my DM's, made me feel important and left. I guess my safety is not Mike's concern. This is probably the last blog post I'll do about PHFAT to be honest.

Not that I'm bitter or anything! If you want you can peep that red head jocking on my spot for my man below. ilu mikey.


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