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Pinback - His Phase
Kenny Abdo
Kenny Abdo
Nov 13, 2012
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From the beginning, I loved Pinback. My lust grew from Summer in Abaddon, an album that neither needs a track added nor subtracted. Then I reverse discovered them all the way to their first full-length, This is a Pinback CD and have been a rabid fan since.

There wasn't anything particular that drew me to them "” not by So-Cal, chill rock standards, at least. But maybe it was just that. They took their time, made great songs with mesmerizing harmony, while making it clear that they weren't out to prove anything to anyone.

In 2009 at the Black Cat, when I first saw Pinback live, they completely threw out those ideologies and made me question the relation between album and live show all together. They played every one of my favorite, relaxed cuts... but at break-neck speeds. It was like listening to a 45 LP at 78.  There was no communication with the audience. They just appeared, ripped through the long, rather extensive playlist and then exited stage right (I just described one of my more better dates right there).

Last night at the Black Cat, however, I felt like Pinback finally came to prove something. They appeared, addressed the audience, and played a long, rather extensive playlist flawlessly.  Starting the set off with "Victorious D" was a strong choice.  Armistead [Burwell Smith IV] and Rob [Crow] stood in front of an adoring crowd, strumming through the subtle, yet powerfully basic song setting the mood for an evening of great music. It was once more a reverse discovery. The crowd sang, danced and grooved with every song they had on their setlist, from pure classics to freshly minted singles.

Pinback took their time, created their mesmerizing harmony and made me a rabid fan all over again.

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