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Dec 23, 2017

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Best Electronic of 2017
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Best Electronic of 2017

Tags: "Best of" playlist, Electronic, house, seb wildblood

Please make sure you read along with the footnotes below.

Lets play a little game called 'The Floor Is Lava.' Normally how this is played is participants will avoid stepping on the floor, as it is considered to be of a lava like consistency, thus stepping across the room on articles of furniture in order to avoid being "burned." I'm sure you've played this game before, if not, now is your chance, except it'll be a bit different this time

In this iteration we're going to swap the floor with a particular genre*. Most of our readers, I assume, would choose for the floor to be Country music, or maybe even Ska**. Luckily no one chose Electronic, because that's the best of playlist you're currently listening to.

EDIT: Sorry for wasting your time.

*It was at this point that I realized my review wasn't going to make any sense.
**None of this is backed up.

Image source: Mike Dorner

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