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Sep 25, 2018

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A Playlist For Fans of Nicolas Jaar
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A Playlist For Fans of Nicolas Jaar

True, yet boring story, Jason, myself and our colleague, Henko, were recently admiring a smart shuffle round on the site that was delivering absolute; Nicolas Jaar gold. So, consider this playlist an attempt at extorting the Golden Goose for her eggs (Having read that for a second time I realize that Indie Shuffle could be the Golden Goose, but I meant Nicolas Jaar).

Besides from a keen ear, one of the many strategies I utilized to put together this playlist was waiting beneath the goose coop for Nico to shift nuggets from his golden (r)ear, AKA 'The genre page,' and the 'Sounds like Nicolas Jaar page.' Again, I've seemingly grouped Indie Shuffle and Nicolas Jaar together as plausible Golden Goose references.

Sorry for the confusion, and enjoy.

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