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Apr 24, 2018

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Bishat Makes A Playlist

Tags: By an artist, R&B, pop, female vocalist

Talented Swedish artist Bishat dropped her latest project Q417 last week. The four track mixtape features the previously released dark-pop wonder "Unholy Romance" and is a great introduction to the electronic R&B stylings of Bishat. The mixtape is inspired by a tough breakup, with Bishat focusing her energies on music during this dark time. Discussing the release Bishat had this to say:

IT’S OUT! My first little body of work. This is such a special EP to me mostly cause I worked on it as I was at a low point in my life and everything felt like it was falling to pieces and creating this was my way of dealing and getting back on my feet! I’m so proud of this and I hope you’ll listen and I hope you feel something cause trust me I felt everything.

To celebrate the release Bishat has curated a playlist for us that includes songs she was listening to during the creation of the mixtape along with her latest single "ctrl+m."

You can listen to Q417  here.


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