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Jun 7, 2018

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Splash House: Pregame Playlist
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Splash House: Pregame Playlist

Tags: Festival playlist, Electronic, female vocalist, dance

Summer is fucking here, dudes. Go grab those pineapple-shaped pool floats, put on your swimsuit, make a fruity alcoholic beverage (if you're above the legal drinking age), and have a good frickin' time!

If that sounds like a dream, turns out it isn't. That's because you can meet us at Splash House for the first weekend and dance with us in the pool. You can find me with the pink shorts and the oversized straw drinking a cold one.

We asked Hotel Garuda their thoughts on Splash House, and this is what they had to say:

“It was really instrumental in shaping our careers early on. Every visit has been transformative. We've each attended this festival 4 times at least, either to perform or to support friends and it gets better and better every year. We're proud to play for the fourth time and hang with friends, fans, and colleagues alike.”

Splash House is this weekend, June 8-10th, and there's another weekend later down the road in August. For more info and tickets, head over to their website at SplashHouse.com.

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