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Oct 13, 2019

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Stella's Weekly Roundup
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Stella's Weekly Roundup

Tags: Featured, indie pop, indie rock, lo-fi

This playlist is a carefully curated collection of sexy songs from yours truly, Stella Mazzaferro. Songs featured on this playlist are those that I’m fond of but decided not to slap on the front page of Indie Shuffle. Don’t get me wrong, everything on this playlist is brilliant but I can only type so many reviews.

Overall vibe: anything from the classic, feel good indie-pop to hard garage rock to neo-soul to chillwave. I like to keep things interesting ;)

A bit about me: I’m the Editor in Chief of Indie Shuffle & I’m a college student at Washington State University. If you couldn’t tell by now, I have an addiction to music but like a healthy addiction that doesn’t require an intervention. I’m the Program Director and Disc Jockey at KZUU 90.7fm, the radio station on my campus, and I’m hoping to continue my career in the music industry when I graduate this December!

P.S. If you work for college radio (like I do) you should reach out to me at stella@indieshuffle.com and maybe we could do a little collab or you could write for Indie Shuffle or maybe we could even have a slumber party <3 The world is our oyster.

Hope you enjoy! xoxo. Also, feel free to follow me on Spotify.

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