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Feb 20, 2018

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5 Tracks For This is Pop? Radio
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5 Tracks For This is Pop? Radio

This is Pop? asked us to give 5 random songs for feature on their radio show; below is our justification :)

You can check it out, 8-9 pm CET, here (Tumblr) and here (podcast)

We're not really bound by genre, or even how current a song is, our main focus is on sounds that somehow manage to be distinct and also supremely enjoyable. The following 5 songs were all released within the last year, otherwise the pool of songs would be way to hard to narrow to just 5.

  • Amy Ayanda is probably one of the top indie artists in South Africa. 
  • Mildlife is definitely Jason and my favorite song from last year. It kind of garnered a cult status with us after having put it on repeat so many times. We even made a playlist called "The First Song is Fucking Epic," the first song being "The Magnificent Moon."
  • Kainalu is just really exciting and such an Indie Shuffle-esque tune.
  • Jonti's song has some insanely beautiful parts to it that are all really different. So dynamic, so memorable.
  • Ouska is one of the more exciting finds in recent memory. This song is just as sexy as it gets.
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