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Jan 9, 2020

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Wolfkop Lilo River Flow 2020
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Wolfkop Lilo River Flow 2020

January in Cape Town is synonymous with Wolfkop's Lilo River Flow. For those busy recollecting themselves from festive season debauchery, Wolfkop offers a more relaxed, luxurious take on going to a festival.  

Lilo River Flow is pretty self-explanatory in it's name. While enjoying a rock in the stream on a floating device of your choosing, festival-goers are serenaded by a line-up of local and international musicians and DJs. The day makes way into a classic night out; and overall, the whole event feels more like camping with music than going to, say, Ultra. It never feels overly full either, which is a subtle characteristic really worth making noise about.

My words do the event little justice though. The event venue is stunning. It's resort-like. For some, Wolfkop will be a refreshing four days in the sun, and others, a wild few nights on the dance floor -- it's your choice, really. That's the beauty of it.

I'm looking forward to being in attendance again. Musically, Thor Rixon, Floyd Lavine, and Pional float my boat... or, should I say lilo?

To get tickets, head this way. If you want to get a feel for the venue, check out this video: 


The full lineup:


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