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Poliça - Dark Star
Feb 14, 2012
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GAYNGS. Bon Iver. Spoon. If you like any of these bands it's your happy day; members of each outfit have collaborated, forming a new project as the phenomenal group Poliça.

Enigmatically entitled Give You The Ghost, this album is stunning from any angle. Different sounds and temperaments float effortlessly throughout, lackadaisically moving from soft to hard. Channy Leaneagh's layered, empowered vocals are sexy and heartfelt, leaving listeners pensive yet fulfilled.

The release opens with "Amongster," a steadily building track with a power ballad melody fortifying Leaneagh's fervent cries. Commanding the energy of a Florence ballad and the momentum of a live Phantogram set, "Violent Games" is an fantastically aggressive wall of sound with a righteously tirade of a drum solo in dropped in the middle. Electronic, dark, and dirty the track builds upon itself as if mounting an audio assault. "Dark Star" quietly rolls through in a purposeful manner, playing with horns and Leaneagh's digitized, throaty notes. Also notable is "Lay Your Cards Out" featuring Bon Iver's Mike Noyce, and the closing "Leading To Death."

The 11-track album is intense yet delicate, capitalizing on the organic talent of each member. The vocals are human and strong, melodies wavering in mood from an open love wound to a cognitive revelation. The fact that this debut album is quite fantastic should not be surprising considering the talent pool they began with.

Look out for Poliça's Give You The Ghost this Valentine's Day (aka TODAY!) for its official release.
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