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Porches - Okay
Jul 26, 2021
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The Joyful Knife

A happy/sad mashup alt-rock track that approaches a noise that isn't always too easy to grasp and yet here I am, happy/sad and bopping.

It's a very niche idea to be happy/sad. I think as a small kid it's a far harder experience to be anything but a 100% one or the other, but after a while, as one grows older you become aware of that beautiful feeling of bittersweet — especially as a young adult filled with the storms of anxiety. "Okay" is that made physical (audible).

It's a booming track filled with unsettling sounds that are almost impossible not to jam to and yet are so immensely destructive in their ideals and themes. A homage to the era of youthful angst layered with new-age sounds.

Welcome to the happy/sad carnival.

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