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Radiation City - Find It Of Use
Mar 12, 2012
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Why do we like this?
In mulling over the ways to describe this track, the thing that keeps coming to mind is the image of a cocoon -- warm and protective. The cocoon opens and a newly formed butterfly has a few moments of unbridled bliss. It stretches its wings in the open air and takes flight. Then, ACID RAIN -- acid rain is falling on its fragile wings. It spirals down to the ground, tragic and defeated, but somewhere in the world the cycle is beginning again. Hope, redemption, pain, and transformation are all themes I hear/see when listening to "Find It Of Use," off their upcoming EP Cool Nightmares.

The back story about about this EP is, in a way, a similar tale to the butterfly. In Radiation City's story,  the butterfly is a piano. The band used sounds from this old piano throughout the EP. The piano was an integral part of the recording, but throughout the process it got beat up, out of tune, and was on its last leg. Thus, in the spirit of celebration and renewal, Radiation City destroyed it. Call it a type of homage. You can watch them destroy it in their new video for "Find It Of Use" here.

Lastly, call it a lazy approach or a a exercise in SMARTZ, but I feel this track warrants some keyword dropping, so here goes: "Find It Of Use" is enchanting, cinematic, dynamic, and thought-provoking. I think that's a pretty well rounded track if you ask me.
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