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Rainbow Chan - Haircut
Aug 23, 2013
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Sydney's Rainbow Chan is one of the most innovative and interesting musicians in Australia. Simple as that. The eclectic, walking music box creates like no other, using electronics, looping, and a variety of musical gadgets to produce an incredible array of textural music.  After dropping her single "Skinny Dipping" earlier this year, she recently released her debut EP, Long Vacation, to fascinated, admiring reviews.

The EP's second single, "Haircut" (which was debuted by the Huffington Post's Mike Ragogna), is a delightful mix of layered sounds which include harp and de-tuned synths. I don't often like to rip-off press releases, but this passage says it all: "Rainbow Chan's glo-fi masterpieces leave you feeling like you have awoken from a long afternoon slumber, sun-kissed and hazy - a long, dreamy vacation."

If you get a little bored by same-same music, I implore you to give Rainbow Chan a try. You can stream the whole Long Vacation EP over at Silo Arts & Records SoundCloud here.

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