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Real - Trouble
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Oct 06, 2013
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Why do we like this?
There are those who listen to "electronic" music and there are those who don't. In the same sentiment, there are those who understand what a producer is and those who don't. So, when the former is speaking to the latter, there can be a bit of a gap in comprehending how a track like "One For the Trouble" is made; how it has, now in edited form, shifted emphasis from the artist behind the vocal, to the artist behind the production.

I say this as a person from the former category -- I understand, and yet, with a track like "One For the Trouble" I'm struggling to hear where UK producer Real, aka Jack Boean, has interjected. Maybe it's not so much that as it is a surprise that Real dropped a hip-hop track, stepping well outside any assumptions I had of his usual bass-infused, deep house style. Hyper-focused-nerd-music-writer analysis aside, "One For the Trouble" is just great and actually, I've just now Googled the original track by A.D.O.R. -- I hear it now. What Real has done to this track has really brought out the old-school essence.

Real's SoundCloud track description also mentions "Quincey Jones, Christine McVie, Elis Regina, K.J Sawka, Mel & Tim, Funkadelic, Mantronix, Dee Dee Sharp Gamble, TR-808 & Mellotron." I wish I could sound really cool and tell you how all that applies to "One For the Trouble," but I can only imagine that those references have something to do with the other samples he's used to compile this track.

Anyway, enough about technique, let's just enjoy the tune. It's setting a perfect tone for my rainy Sunday in Detroit, but I bet it's perfectly suited for the feel-good vibes wherever you are.
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