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Remnose - Beehive
Mar 09, 2014
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Why do we like this?
"Garage country." I just made it up so I'm not surprised you've never heard of it, but like all categories that end up with the "garage" tag, it's a way to describe things that are hard to describe "” things that have just as many elements as you may find in your garage.

For this week's Sunday Night Chill, I thought I'd share some of my favorite tunes"”old and new"”that together in a playlist make sense, but separate can be hard to describe. They all share elements of folk, alt-country, blues, and a little somethin' somethin' one only finds in the garage. But whatever these songs have is worlds from what people consider "country" today, so I thought I'd share the better alternative of that twangy hill billy flare.

Hope you find something you enjoy!
Caitlin Rose - When I'm Gone
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Nia Wyn - Help Me
Tags: Editor's Pick, female vocalist, folk, soul
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Sturgill Simpson - You Can Have the Crown
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Valerie June - Pushin' Against a Stone
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