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Robotaki - Restless
Feb 17, 2018
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Why do we like this?

For some people, at one time or another, restlessness settles in like a constant state of being. Satisfaction becomes something you search for yet never find. Restlessness can act as the catalyst to get us moving or the exact thing that keeps us stuck. 

Robotaki's latest track "Restless" colors the duality of such a feeling, perfectly.

The track has two faces. Dreamy synths and bubbly stabs speak to the initial, flighty state of restlessness, while the break hits hard with crunchy bass lines and a sure-footed kick drum moving us into the more anxious, yet hopeful area of the same emotion.

Like the constant mental ping-pong of restlessness, propelling us forward then snap us back within ourselves, Robotaki keeps us locked in, looping back around a very specific sonic space.

Maybe I've had too much coffee, but after multiple listens to this track I'm starting to feel highly restless myself! Time to use these future bass feels and get my butt moving.


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