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Rohne - Phase
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Jun 26, 2021
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Rohne’s music is like a work of embroidery; no real beginning, no real end, but countless threads woven together seamlessly to create an exquisitely resonant and evocative image. With reverberant basslines, uplifting, twinkling synths, and dreamy, floaty vocal samples, you’ll be forgiven for not being able to tear your eyes away as you stand back and watch the image of “Phase” come together flawlessly.

This is a piece of music to get lost in. Follow the lines through the galaxy, allow the labyrinth to guide you away from consensus reality, dive deep into the dream life it weaves before you - and let go. This is not music to dance to - this is music that will move you of its own accord.

“Phase” is aptly named: it’s there all at once, all-encompassing and ethereal...and then just as suddenly as it appeared, it’s gone. You’ll want it to take you with it once it leaves though. You’ll feel it in bed at night as you’re drifting off, like strands of a memory tied to a different life.

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