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Röyksopp - The Alcoholic
Sep 02, 2010
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Ladies and gentleman, buckle your proverbial seat belts and prepare to blast off to Planet Röyksopp. This experimental electronic Norwegian duo is set to release their fourth album, Senior, on September 13th... and yes, this is one of the essential instrumental albums I'd bring with me if I were to move to a different planet and start fresh (a girl can dream). Surprisingly enough, this album flows in chronological order of my imagined future journey to

and on Planet Röyksopp. It goes like this:

Track 1: You're feeling nostalgic yet hopeful as you pack your things to start your life on such an unknown, yet promising planet. Your mind is racing so fast you can't keep up with it; it almost mimics the sound of soaring through space in a rocket with a loud hum. You're passing fiery stars, galaxies, even an asteroid or two (which this track encapsulates quite well with it's atmospheric, airy undertone and overlaying compliments of buzzing bass, dainty keyboard, and zipping synthesizers).

Track 2: You're on the rocket and this song happens to be playing. You're psyched -- almost too psyched to be able to sit still for such a long flight -- and you haven't even taken off yet. You can't resist tapping your feet and bobbing your head (in an almost seizure-like manner) to the fast beat and intertwining synth. Then, just when you thought it wasn't possible, Röyksopp throws in more synth. Layer upon layer upon layer, this song just doesn't quit.

Track 3: You've landed. You step out onto this extremely foreign land and this song is playing, warmly welcoming you as you take it all in. Much more mellow than Track 2, but still encompassing a great beat. The sweet-sounding soft synths, gentle guitar picking, and birds chirping represent the feeling of comfort and hospitality that you feel as you absorb your new home's environment in awe.

Track 4: You're settled in, you're surrounded by your loved ones, and you even like your neighbors. You've got this great hammock on your deck that you're using the moment and this song comes on. Slowly swaying back and forth, you feel breezy, calm, cool, collected... it's refreshing, just like this song: a quiet beat, gentle bass, random wind chimes, that shiver-inducing synth, and even a few melodies from a choir. Ahh, this is the life.

Tracks 5 & 6: There's no way you're leaving Earth and moving to a different planet without throwing a celebratory party. That's what these songs are for. Upbeat, introspective, and constantly surprising you with a new layer of bass and guitar -- and then taking those layers away just as quickly, but never disappointing. It's infectious, sober or not. Sometimes you might catch yourself wondering if an alien is trying to contact you, or if that's just a sound effect in the song. (I'll go with the alien. They do exist.)

As for the rest of the album (there are 9 tracks total), I don't want to give it away. But I will tell you this: it continues to bring the ethereal funk, no doubt about it. Use your imagination and see how life on Planet Röyksopp pans out with their upcoming release, Senior!

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