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Sadevillain - Silver Spoon
Jan 31, 2017
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Why do we like this?

Mashups are one of the most contentious genres in contemporary music. At their worst they can be amateurish mixes of musical styles that were, frankly, never put together for a reason.

However, when handled with due care and attention, a mashup can be a beautiful thing. From Danger Mouse's Grey Album to more recent Girl Talk releases, the best of the genre doesn't simply cut and paste a vocal onto an instrumental, but fundamentally re-writes the work, in something more akin to sampling.

The latest example of this comes from British producer Seanh, whose Sadevillain project matches Sade and MF Doom -= a move perhaps inspired by Doom's very public admiration for Sade, as seen on several previous tracks

One of the best tracks is "Silver Spoon," which remaps Doom's lazy drawl over a re-worked version of Sade's "Jezebel" to stunning effect.

Of course the best bit about mashups is that they, by their nature, have to be free. Grab Sadevillain here.

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