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She Her Her Hers - figure
Feb 17, 2021
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She Her Her Hers is an alternative 3-piece band comprised of Hiroyasu Takahashi , Tomasong, and Taiki Matsuura. They are recognized for their elegant and dreamy soundscape, blending shoegaze and chillwave.

February 10 marks the release date of their new EP silver rain, one year after their latest album location. Speaking to the lead track of the EP, "figure," Taiki Matsuura says:

" Choosing the false picture

Or being able to accept the reality

It's a song all about image and representation "

And now, a soliloquy*:

(*read 'rant')

I recently watched someone warp their own reality. It was as though they had folded their perception back on itself, deliberately at first, but then ended up falling for the new picture, taking it to be real. I saw how this isolated them from the world as people had come to feel reality bend at the hands of their confusion when one understanding of events came to stand in stark contrast to the now origamied version.

I must admit, I felt my own reality bend too when our differing perceptions crashed head-on. I was able to walk away, but in the end, they remained as is...experiencing life at the hands of a mind with a thousand tiny folds.

This song coincided with this event and so, I felt no restraint when it came to writing out my thoughts here. Do I choose a false picture and write something that sits on the surface, or do I accept and drudge up the reality of what has happened, and take my writing there? As you can see, I have chosen the latter...cathartic, yes, but more important is the catalyst — the song itself.

She Her Her Hers' "figure" is stunning from the start, but it's when the drums drop off at around 1:22 with a sax coming in to guide the listener through a beautiful build-up, that the song marks itself as a standout. The tracks on the EP work together well and I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen. You can find it on Spotify. Enjoy, and may your minds remain fold-free.

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