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Shimmertraps - Atrium
Nov 02, 2020
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Dear Reader,

I have finally returned (somehow alive) following a 40 day hiatus from posting a personal review...but who is counting the days? It's not like we have a crazy election coming up in the midst of a pandemic or anything :) That'd be sooo silly :)

Like many people right now, I have been in a rut. One that has permeated my cognitive functioning and sizzled any creative drive to a crisp. This includes music discovery, which is a major bummer considering that's like my only promising personality trait. Enough of the diary entry, here's my review:

Shimmertraps has released latest single, "Atrium." Is this a reference to the Atrium at Western Washington University, a college nestled in Bellingham, WA, which is where this group records and produces their music? I went to WWU for a couple years, so if you're reading this Shimmertraps: Go Vikings.

Over the past 11 months, I've put three of their tracks in my personal playlist. The most popular being Beta Clubfrom their sophomore album, LOOK!, put out earlier this year via Spirit Goth Records(Vansire, Castlebeat, Sports Coach). Offering a borderline transcendental experience per listen, the lo-fi, dream pop, and almost vaporwave anatomy of Shimmertraps' sound is one that further pushes the umbrella genre that is psychedelic pop.

Check out the rest of LOOK! if you fancy "Atrium." Hope you enjoy xoxo <3


Stella M.

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