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Shoffy - Pushin
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Mar 04, 2018
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Why do we like this?

Heard this song on YouTube the other day and had to track it down. 

Shoffy, Alex Shofler, is no stranger to the shuffle. We've been posting his creations for the last few years. Based in Los Angeles, his blend of pop and R&B, mixed with those silky smooth vocals gets me every time.

His latest release, "Pushin," is as addictive as it is true - lyrics that speak to a situation I'm sure many of us can relate to: "I'm so over your ways, you should know you're pushing me away." 

"Pushin" is one of those tracks that addresses a nuance of a cracked relationship that's often hard to put into words; when we push people away without even knowing we're doing it. Whether it be because we really don't want the other, or because one or the other really isn't ready for love, it's a relationship bound to dismantle. 

If you've been dealing with this kind of situation and don't know how to voice it to your other, send them a link to "Pushin", and just say "This." Hopefully they'll realize love shouldn't be such a struggle, and it shouldn't take any prisoners. 


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