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Sidewalk Kal - Kal The God
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Sep 17, 2013
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Sounds like: Knxwledge, Quelle, Madlib
Why do we like this?

Sometimes I get so disgusted with myself for knowing so much irrelevant information that circles around music. How much Schoolboy Q spends on weed a month ($6000). The fact that Plies' real name is Algernod. Earl Sweatshirt is a big Fatburger fan. All this shit has little to do with the music, but I often find myself in the vortex of non-information that circles the Internet.

That is why when I encounter music I know little to nothing about, whose author I am ignorant to, it is a rare and joyful moment. That happened a few nights ago when I stumbled unto Sidewalk Kal and his understated gem "Kal The God."

This shit is good! Folks with a lesser ear or with a lazier rhetoric (can I talk some shit?) might call this "throwback" or tell you how this "harkens back to the old-school days of rap when rap felt good" or some other shit that really means they don't know how to talk about music and are very insecure about their music knowledge. I am confident that my rap wisdom is partial at best, but whatevs. This song simply knocks; Kal is downright infectious when he hollers his name on the chorus and the verses are dripped in more style that anything from the last four months from any rapper with a money sign in their name. 

For fans of rap music that sounds and feels good and doesn't try to do much else.

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