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Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla
Nov 24, 2016
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Sounds like: Múm, Jónsi
Why do we like this?

The holidays are not easy for everyone to weather. Family tensions run high. We tend to overeat. Someone ends up having to sleep on a couch, and there's never enough wine. 

The best course of action is usually to slip on some noise-cancelling headphones and listen to something soothing. Thankfully, Icelandic darlings Sigur Rós have the noise you need. They have released a rework of "Hoppípolla" for Planet Earth II.

Arguably the band's most beloved, uplifting track, the song appears on the Plant Earth II series trailer. 

The band said:

In Iceland we are blessed with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of wild and untamed places. But even here, in the very furthest flung corners of Europe’s largest wilderness, the scars of human industry are visible, the plans for future encroachments, by dam and smelter, legion. If lost the Icelandic highlands are not recoverable. Around the world the story is the same; the traffic, literally, going in one direction. Sigur Rós are proud to be associated with Planet Earth II and its all-important mission to hold us rapt in understanding of, and respect for, this endlessly fascinating, utterly surprising and ultimately fragile place we are lucky enough to call home for a short while.

Grab a piece of pie. Grab your headphones, and find a safe spot to listen to this beauty on repeat. 

We're thankful year-round for amazing music. 

Happy holidays, friends. 


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