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SNOWMINE - Columbus
Dec 19, 2013
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Sounds like: Grizzly Bear, Mesita
Why do we like this?

2014 will be SNOWMINE's year! It is truly baffling to me how they haven't taken over the world by now. On February 4, 2014, they'll release their second album, Dialects, into this cruel, cruel world, and we will watch it become transformed by the boundless purity of their sound. I kid, but you need to jump on this twee bandwagon "“ and fast.

Late this fall, SNOWMINE gifted us with "Rome," and "Columbus" is  similarly cinematic, a smoothed rendition of their world vision. It's a little more polished, a little more perfect -- but, in typical SNOWMINE fashion, their poetic lyrics continue to chip away at the veneer they initially establish (and each listen brings you a little more). In terms of genre, it bridges this interesting gap between folk and indie pop very successfully.

This is visceral music that makes you want to feel a little more intensely, care a little bit more. It has a uniquely calming effect that makes you trust that it comes from a good place. I want to write an essay about what SNOWMINE accomplishes, but I will spare you for now.

Listen to more SNOWMINE here. Also, SNOWMINE has released this statement about their album:

"Over the last few months we've worked very hard to create a special way to give you exactly what we want to give you, with no conditions or exceptions. The choice to release this ourselves carried the huge challenge of funding everything ourselves. But instead of using existing crowdsourcing websites you may be familiar with, we built our own.

So now, at WWW.SNOWMINE.COM you can pre-order the whole album, or choose other ways to help, and you'll be rewarded immediately with a free download of our new single "Columbus," as well as "Silver Sieve." You'll get a choice of recording quality as well as bonus single art. You can also checkout a video teaser of the whole album."
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