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Solar Bears - Children Of The Times
Nov 18, 2010
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Meet Solar Bears: a rather obscure take on digital psychedelic electronica. While there are 14 tracks on this instrumental album, the line is blurred when it comes to deciphering one track from the next. There's a noticeable effort on this Dublin duo's part to make She Was Coloured In seem like one long, loopy journey... and that it is.

I'm sure that if the world was on the brink of

encountering aliens tomorrow, Solar Bears would be able to peacefully communicate a common ground with those foreign creatures by simply playing this album. The plethora of drum machine effects keeps the tracks crisp and fresh, while the stretched-out synths project an elusive and mysterious kind of demeanor, making this album a great soundtrack for an action/drama-filled sci-fi movie. The electric guitars, though not a staple throughout the album, definitely add a prog-rock vibe, while violins gently dance about here and there.

I can't help but think of some arduous journey through the Antarctic on a horse. Your breath -- a soft white steam -- matching the airy synths that compliment the slow, beautiful, yet challenging path you're on. Ah, but what's that?! Up ahead! A danceable beat that you must succumb to? Your energy revives, giving you the boost you need to continue on and complete this skewed odyssey, literally and figuratively.

This album touches on so many emotions, mindfully weaving you in and out of a time warp that seems impressively endless.

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