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Springtime Carnivore - Last To Know

Springtime Carnivore - Last To Know

Dec 08, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Another day, another mystery band! Who is Springtime Carnivore? We have reason to believe she's from a very popular group...perhaps you might be able to spot the golden voice behind this bedroom recording project with a keen enough listen.

We don't usually feature unknowns as SOTD, but I figured "Last To Know" -- a track featured on the self-titled Last To Know EP -- deserves special attention for it's infectious groove.

In particular, I enjoy that the indifference of the detached vocals fit the mood and lyrics of the song ingeniously. As the singer proclaims: "I don't need your letters or your new address/you can keep your answers to yourself now," she hides her deeper feelings, as the beat carries on undeterred.

She continues: "If you're leaving town/I want to be the last one to know/Leave it underground/I won't try to reach you before you go/I want to be the last to know," the words probably resonating with anyone who's ever had to move on as a means of emotional self preservation.

The complete 5-song EP is available on Bandcamp for a mere $4.
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