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Still Life Still - Danse Cave
Aug 25, 2009
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Have you ever turned on a song that you liked so much that you said, 'Jesus Christ, this band rocks!' before getting 20 seconds into the song? A song so good that as the music washed over your body, you felt the waves tingle down your spine? When a band can make that happen, and then continue to keep you awstruck passed that 20 second mark, you're onto something. Still life Still nails it. Much of that might have been due to my mood at the time I gave it that first listen, but upon continued listens, they do keep a good flow throughout the album. Just as something's starting to get questionable, they take you on a quick turn, much like the Pomegranates. It's as if they're teasing: bringing you down for just one second, so that the next chapter sounds so much sweeter.

From one of the best up-and-coming-labels, Canadian Arts+Crafts, this group is composed of five grade-school friends who have been blowing up the house-party scene in toronto.  Their sound is much like Built to Spill, but with all the electronic gadgets, fancy effects pedals and crazy production techniques, Still Lufe Still is unmistakeably on the cutting edge of modern indie rock. Well done, lads. And it only took ten years! If you liked Bombay Bicycle Club, I highly recommend you check out this band.

Be warned, though. The lyrics on this album are not for the underaged!

"Much like the EP, Girls Come Too is a big messy swirl of poppy hooks, tangled and tortured lyrical content and sweeping, catchy tunes.  Singer/guitarist Eric Young's plaintive, often tender, delivery belies the anarchic edge to many of the songs. For gently nuanced power-pop with a bit of a snarl, Still Life Still is a can't miss proposition." - citizendick.com
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