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Still Woozy - BS
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Sep 11, 2020
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Why do we like this?
"We were an extraordinary match," she relayed the story hesitantly but for the first time she felt willing to speak about her experience, "we moved in together and it was magic. For years, we traveled, we connected, we grew." Her head tilted down unconsciously hoping her hair could shield her from the shame. Her rendition continued, she spoke quickly and at once as though she was trying to outrun her own self-inflicted silence. "Then I'm not sure what happened but we just couldn't meet in the middle any longer. We stopped hearing each other, we stopped returning to the field that Rumi speaks about. The paths we thought we'd walk hand-in-hand forever diverged and along the way our fingers unclasped."
Once she was done speaking, a silence took over the moment like the relief of an exhale and just like that, her story had been released into the world, the repercussions of which would play out in time.

Connection is a strange thing, especially within the idealized world of a romantic partnership. Still Woozy's smooth new track "BS" brings this to mind.

I was recently listening to a teaching in Tibetan so please excuse me if the translation is incorrect (or just downright wrong), but I will try to relay what was said. It was about romantic relationships and how at first, we think 'without you, I think I cannot survive' but eventually we get to a place of 'without you, I think I'm better off.' It might sound frivolous but I think it's pointing to something beyond the push and pull we experience, and to the very minds of those who experience the pushing and pulling.

I think we overlook, or perhaps we are just not aware, that each of us blazes like a fire within. At first we blaze with desire, fixation, attachment, and the like that pulls us closer. But we also have a furnace of anger, jealousy, pride, and the like that pushes us farther away. So we find ourselves traveling these paths of love, lust, hate, conflict, push and pull...with the person we wanted to just love. Happilly-ever-afters don't seem so simple after all.

It's as Shantideva, an 8th-century philosopher, says:

"Beings long to free themselves from suffering

But suffering itself they follow and pursue.
They long for joy but in their ignorance
Destroy it as they would their foe."

So although Still Woozy's song sounds beautiful, truly beautiful in fact, what his lyrics point to is the ugly mess that is our contradictory thoughts, and who wouldn't, as he says, 'want to throw them all away'?

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