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Tame Impala - One More Year
Mar 03, 2020
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169 times
Sounds like: Caribou, Crumb, MGMT
Why do we like this?

If Kevin Parker chose "One More Year" as the first song on Tame Impala's most recent album, The Slow Rush, then it's obviously his favorite, right? Does that mean that my older sister is my parents' best-loved? Since coffee is the first thing I consume in the morning does that make it my most highly preferred substance?

I know one thing, "One More Year" is my top pick from Tame Impala's album, which might in some way be due to the fact that I kept being interrupted before finishing listening to it. Which makes me wonder, maybe my parents aren't done having children yet. And, coffee is cool, but it wouldn't still be my favorite if I was only ever consuming it and nothing else.

What I'm trying to say is, having favorites in this case is a dumb relative, it's nice that the track sits alone so comfortably, but the song is lifted higher by a really intruiging album. So, thanks Kev.

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