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The Avett Brothers - Live and Die
Jun 27, 2012
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Oh Avett Brothers, where have you been? Yeah yeah, I know, you were producing an album with Rick Rubin, and touring, and banjo playing, but we've missed you! I And Love And You came out two whole years ago, and while that may not be so long when you think about the craft and construction of an album, it sure feels like forever when you're craving some harmonizing, finger-picking, banjo-laced tunes.

Well, I'm happy to say The Avett Brothers are back -- their (if you're me) long-anticipated album, The Carpenter, is coming out September 11. Thankfully, they've released a single, "You And I," a lovely sentimental reminder of what the band does well -- take simple themes, familiar sounds, and blend them into something distinctive.

Rubin's influence is pretty evident -- the track is decidedly more slick, more pop, and more produced than previous efforts (especially Emotionalism, though I And Love And You still did have something of a homemade feel to it). Still, the sound remains clearly Avett-created: there's that finger picking, the lush swell of a fiddle, and warm, rich vocal harmonies that wrap around you listen.

More than anything, it's a good reminder that there's nothing wrong with a good love song. Or, coming from the Avetts, a good ol' fashioned love song.
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