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The Georgia Flood - Whistle King
Nov 08, 2016
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160 times
Why do we like this?

Besides the killer guitar in the beginning, and then the thunderous thumps that follow, this next rocked out jam is a hit song slam-packed with perfect bits of just about everything a song could need. 

Excellent vocal delivery with unique tones, a super catchy whistle that inspired its title, non-stop groove that progresses in tempo as the tune goes on and on. This is probably my favorite alternative rock jam of the moment. 

The lyrics are best described as effective jabs. No haymakers, yet still perfect punches in short bursts. It boasts an incredible mix on this mastered version that makes it seriously undeniable. 

What do I mean by "mix?" I mean that the guitar strings don't obstruct the vocals in any places; not in the verses and not in the hooks. I mean that the bottom ends stay at the bottom, and that the transients come out alive and go where they should. That the the drums and guitars and vocals all remain in-your-face without being too loud. 

Or maybe it's just me. Maybe, I'm just digging this one way so much that I can't find anything wrong with it. Either way, it's absolutely worth a listen because I'm sure you will definitely give it a replay. 

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