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The Megaphonic Thrift - Candy Sin
Max Jacobs
Max Jacobs
Feb 18, 2011
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On the eve of recording this first full-length album, Norweigan band the Megaphonic Thrift lost all of their instruments in a fire. I'm not sure how most other rock bands would have reacted; maybe they'd go into a drunken blackout for a month, run off to sea to become sailors, purchase new equipment so they could destroy them in anger?

I suppose all these things could've happened to the Thrift, but what's known for sure is that the band got back on the horse, and with new (and borrowed) instruments and fresh ideas, they went back into the studio to finally make that first album.

The no-wave, post-punk phoenix (mythical creature, not French band) of a group recently released their first single "Candy Sin" from the forthcoming Decay Decoy. The single captures the same sense of melodic distortion one hears from 80s and 90s bands My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth (or from falling asleep to the TV showing static). The 4-piece band creates a rich sound, adding off-kilter and sometimes ambient electric guitar to fast-paced and tightly composed songs (they also sing in English).

It's hard not to wonder what the album would've sounded like had there not been a fire. But if all their music sounds this good in the wake of such an incident, maybe I'll be the one to light the match next time.
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