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The Ocean Blue - Sad Night, Where Is Morning?

The Ocean Blue - Sad Night, Where Is Morning?

Feb 17, 2013

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Pennsylvania's own The Ocean Blue has just released a glimmering, quintessential soft indie pop ballad that's sure to pique your interest.

"Sad Night, Where Is Morning?" is a contemplative, plush and sun-soaked song that melds 80s synth and vocals with a shuffling beat, a stand-out bass and an undeniable indie underline. The Ocean Blue comes in strong, carries that weight throughout the entire track, and keeps it short but oh-so-sweet. Each instrument has its own infectious effect, making this song powerful and effective. I personally couldn't listen to it just once.

Whether you know it or not, The Ocean Blue has been around for literally decades, which, when listening to their music, makes sense. They have such an incredible grasp on genres past yet they still have a modern taste for what's new without completely conforming to any current trend. All of these facts should get you stoked for their release of their upcoming album, Ultramarine, on March 19, 2013!
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