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The Octopus Project - Fuguefat
Nov 05, 2010
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Hexadecagon is the fifth album by The Octopus Project, an electro experimental, primarily instrumental band who consists of Josh Lambert, Toto Miranda, Yvonne Lambert, and Ryan Figg. This indietronic crew from Austin has mastered the art of complex layering and instrumental climax -- the kind of climax that crescendos and leaves you spent and reaching for your last cigarette. It's actually quite brilliant on many levels.

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about this group of instrumental wizards. Sing along? You can't since there are no vocals. Dance to it? Well, not unless you're preparing for your next lyrical recital. Some of the songs on Hexadecagon left me with that feeling you get when you're stoned and your body wants to just chill, but your brain keeps reminding you of things you should be doing. It's likely that listening to this album will make you feel the same way: a little confounded. That being said, I can't help but appreciate what this band is able to create when toying around with a hodgepodge of electronic equipment.

Hexadecagon is weird, even to me, since I'm part alien. Okay maybe I'm not, but it does sound like the kind of music aliens would listen to while they are en route to destroy planet Earth; or it could be the soundtrack to Paul the Octopus' journey to the other side. Who knows? Either way, you should give them a listen and decide for yourself.

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