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The Peach Kings - By Your Side
Sep 16, 2011
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Why do we like this?

Music offers an escape from that which we call normal life. Eyes closed, Daft Punk transports us to an instant dance-crazed planet, while Bon Iver lights a bonfire and brings us decadent hot chocolate. No matter the genre, almost every person on the planet responds to and gravitates towards some type or function of music. It is one of the defining characteristics of each and every soul; it is subjective and criticized

; but most of all, it is loved by someone, somewhere, no matter it's style.

Self-described as "gypsydelic," The Peach Kings are an up-and-coming two member band out of L.A., and have just dropped a new EP entitled Trip Wop. Three tracks (plus a bonus remix) complete the EP on paper but audibly, facet upon facet proves themselves worthy of repeated listen.

In writing this review, Trip Wop has been looping in my headphones until I came to the realization of where exactly these tracks take me: to a place of innocent happiness. It is a simple land, yet not one that is easily reached in this modern world. Female vocalist Paige Wood emits the most effortless bluesy embrace with each note, as if she's lackadaisically singing on a swing set in midsummer (obviously wearing culottes). Guitarist and friend Steven Trezevant pairs quite nicely with each floating stroke of his guitar.

Of the tracks the EP, "By Your Side" is my favorite; mature and introspectve lyrics, layered vocals, soulful guitar, and some drum machine for depth all make for a memorable four minutes of your life. I'd have to say that the inherently grabbing quality about The Peach Kings is their transcendental, vintage vibe that makes their music enjoyable for all ages and genres.

Trip Wop is available for free download on The Peach Kings' Bandcamp site here. Grab it before it's gone.

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