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The Republic Tigers - Buildings & Mountains
Nov 30, 2009
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I originally reviewed this on my old website, but it recently made its way back onto my playlist, and I figure that it can't hurt transferring some of my old reviews over to Indie Shuffle. When I first started listening to The Republic Tiger's EP more than a year ago, I didn't realize that they had already released a full follow-up LP. Considering how frustrating it can be to stumble upon an amazing EP and yet not be able to listen to more from the artist for the next six months, it was a very pleasant surprise.

As you may well be able to tell by listening to the song above, there are a myriad of influences making their way into this band's sound. The closest I can get is to compare it to is Travis, but that by no means hits the nail on the head. It might be cliche to say they've got a sound all their own, but they do. The track Buildings & Mountains is relatively representative of the rest of the album, though it doesn't have much of the psychedelic hint that can be found rearing it's head at certain points in this album.

Epic yet intimate, tracks like "feelin' the future" and the towering "buildings & mountains" see the kansas city-based quintet weaving future folk, euphoric psychedelia, and exuberant symphonic pop with intricately crafted electronic textures and uncommon emotional depth. the result is a bold and beautiful collection of strikingly human music that holds an aural mirror to our ever more technologically integrated society - Music Remedy

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