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Tim Fitz - Hopelessman
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Aug 05, 2011
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Hailing from Sydney, Tim Fitz is the new age one-man band. A band would be happy to have the humble Mr. Fitz as their drummer, or on the keys, or as their lead guitarist, or singer, or even bassist. I'm sure he'd do a good job as a jazz flautist if he ever felt the urge! In summation, Tim Fitz is a man of many talents.

In early 2011, after seeing a Wildbirds and Peacedrums gig, he decided to record The Infinite Space EP. Taking time off from university, he recorded six tracks in just under a week in his bedroom. Tim played all instruments and recorded on his laptop with the help of his trusty looper.

The six tracks are sharp, fresh, and beautifully catchy. His instrumentation mingles easily to manufacture a cool, effortless sound. While short, songs cover a variety of styles, with spiky percussion, flowing keys, and lively guitar all getting a look-in. Tim's voice is not typically great, but there is a certain likeability to it which makes it more striking than most.

"Disposable Youth" is a beauty, with expansive piano and keys being topped off with expertly timed hand clapping (I love a good hand clap). "Five" has a hurried feel to it, as Fitz tries to fit a whole song into 1:40 (which he does well!). "Hopelessman" is much more poignant, touching on obvious themes of discontent which pop up throughout The Infinite Space EP.  

These tunes can be found on his Bandcamp (where you can name your price, a la Radiohead). You can also see a number of clips of his bedroom performances on YouTube.

Hopefully there will be more one-man band brilliance coming our way in the near future, perhaps with some jazz flute incorporated too.
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